Friday, November 4, 2011

My story

I have been cooking now for over 20 years.  For the past 14 years I have cooked in Spain, Italy and France.  While spending some time in the states over these past 14 years, my heart always remained true to the Mediterranean region of Europe.   I first moved to Spain in 1997 to learn about the foods and wines of Spain and then move back to the states and open up a Spanish tapas bar.  Spain/Europe changed me and the desire to move back has faded.

The culture and the cuisine are always teaching me something new everyday.   Yesterday I went for a run on one of my usual routes and there is this great little garden that I have always admired.  A man was pulling up huge dark green cabbages.  But next to that was a plant I was not familiar with.  I asked him what it was and to my surprise he said, "Fava".  Along that run I picked some cherry tomatoes and several pomegranates.  The oranges are starting to drop to the ground and the lemons are almost yellow.  Friends are picking olives for brining.  The quince season is almost over, as is the apples and pears.  The almond trees were full this year and the grape harvest should prove to be excellent.

 I have always believed, "what grows together goes together".  And it has never been more true than on this island they call Mallorca.  My wife and I have been living here for a little over 4 years now and have made many fantastic friends.
But for about the past year I have been trying to think of something new to do with my life but still being involved with cooking and food.  As you know, I have been cooking for the super wealthy for the past 10 years after cooking in restaurants for 10 years.  And a lot of my clients have been on the no sugar, low/healthy carb diet.  Which has forced me to get very creative with proteins, vegis and healthy alternatives to starches.  And you probably remember my cookbook is on that topic as well.

Two years ago one of our best friends here on the island was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and given 6 months to live.  She went through chemo but what she contributes to her beating the cancer was diet and attitude.  She was not going to die.  She stopped all sugar, all meats, all processed foods, etc…  Today she is fine and no signs of cancer.  There are 2 more stories more or less the same of two more friends here on the island.   And they feel that the change in diet saved their lives.  Not one of their doctors recommended or knew anything about a cancer diet.

And then about 3 months ago I found a book “The Food Medicine Bible” at the finca where I am working.  I started reading it and found it fascinating.  I have read several other books on the topic as well as the internet.   And in my research I have found that there are not very many cookbooks out there for cancer prevention.  So I have chosen my new path or the path has chosen me but this is where I am heading.  It is to provide recipes on cancer prevention using ingredients to help stop cancer growth or to never let it get started.  I will do this through a new cookbook, a blog and private consultation.

And right now on Facebook a friend from Italy just text me saying his girlfriend’s father just had a tumor removed. 

I know of two other women who will not change their diet.  One because she says she is to old and the other because she just doesn’t want too.  The future does not look good for either.  They are not even willing to try therefore they do not have the desire.  And you must have a burning desire to live and beat the cancer and then you will beat the cancer and live.

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