Thursday, December 8, 2011

Physical Activity Aids Cancer Patients During Treatments and After Recovery

A routine illness could be symptoms of a more serious condition, cancer. It is a disease that often sneaks up on an unsuspecting individual. Some forms of cancer are becoming more and more treatable. Other forms, such as mesothelioma, are constantly researched for more successful treatments. Both cancer and treatments drain energy and cause fatigue, lethargy and nausea. It is important to maintain a positive attitude that will strengthen the spirit while good eating habits and exercise strengthen the body. Physical and mental health is important for combating cancer. New treatments are constantly under development that could increase chance of survival. However, treatments alone are not sufficient. It is also important to stay physically active as recommended by Center for Disease Control, Mayo Clinic and other health agencies. Information concerning importance of exercise in prevention and treatment of cancer are found here.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other cancer treatments could have negative impact on a patient while attacking cancer cells. Individuals undergoing treatment could feel weak and sometimes nauseous. Battling cancer could also weaken the body and inhibit any desire to be active. However, exercise and general physical activity is important for maintaining strength and increasing energy levels. Simple activities such as walking or riding a bike increase strength of the heart, lungs and muscles. Coupled with good nutrition, activity improves the immune system and helps reduce metabolic wastes, a byproduct of cell function. Healthier body increases the ability of an individual to prevent cancer and respond to cancer treatments.

Physical activity alone is not a cure for those inflicted with cancer. However, exercise does help in prevention for those cancer free and people who have successfully survived. People currently undergoing treatment should understand that it is important to remain active and maintain overall physical health. A doctor has valuable information of healthy foods that aid the healing process as well as exercises that maintain strength without depleting energies. The bottom line to fighting cancer is stay hopeful and positive, eat proper nutrition, and stay active to work toward a better overall lifestyle. The latest developments in medical research combined with the efforts of the patient have improved survival rates for many forms of cancer.

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